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1413 Fillmore Ave Buffalo NY 14211
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Juvenile Mata Mata Turtle
Juvenile Mata Mata Turtle
Buffalo Turtle Zoo

Juvenile Mata Mata Turtle

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  • Chelus fimbriata
  • Field Collected
  • Approximately 4 – 5 Inches In Shell Length
  • One Of Natures Most Interesting Animals With Its Leaf Shaped Head
  • This Is A Particularly Colorful Group Of Small mata mata turtles
  • Feeding On Silverside Fish, Crickets And Bloodworms 
  • Naturally Occurring Out Of South America In The Amazon And Orinoco Basins
  • Adults Can Reach Up To A Whopping 18 Inches And Weigh As Much As 33lbs
  • With Proper Care These Turtles Can Live 40 – 75 Years In Captivity
  • There Necks Are Super Long Allowing It To Snatch Prey From A Far Distance